The Walsh Kelley School – Traditional Irish Dancing In North Carolina.

Irish Dancing is an activity that may be enjoyed by everyone. It's both fun to do and fun to watch. With many families, Irish Dancing becomes a central part of their social lives. Especially when combined with Celtic music, art, and traditions. At the Walsh Kelley School, we not only strive to provide the finest instruction, we want our students to feel that the time they spend with us is valuable and fulfilling. We have students that just want a fun hobby. And we have students who have gone to the World Championships. Our mission is to help you find the Irish Dancer in you.

About The School

The Walsh Kelley School of Irish Dancing, founded and run by Áine Walsh Kelley, is attended by more than 180 dancers in Charlotte, Greensboro and Wilmington, NC. The school was established in 1998.

Class Schedules

Beginner through championship classes are taught at the Walsh Kelley School's three locations – Charlotte, Greensboro and Wilmington. different days and times at the three locations. For a complete list:


The Walsh Kelley School hosts Irish dancing competitions throughout the year. For more information,see the